Hopkins Mango Fest- Fruit, Family, & Fun!

Hopkins Mangu (Garifuna for Mango) Fest-home of the “Raffle Cup”

The Hopkins Mangu Fest is a free two-day event that celebrates everything mango, with good food and live music in a wholesome, family-friendly atmosphere. As an added benefit, it comes at a time traditionally referred to as “maga” season or thin season. The festival provides an economic boost to the local businesses.

Hopkins Mangu Fest–Fruit, Family, & Fun. The primary goal of Hopkins Mangu Fest is to promote Hopkins as a tourist destination. Secondarily, the festival will promote the cultural and culinary uniqueness that both locals and tourists enjoy.


What’s in a Name?
Hopkins, so named in 1942 to honor the memory of Bishop Frederick Hopkins, was innitially known as Yugadan. Yugadan is thought to derive from the name of the country Uganda.
The settlers of the village are called Garinagu, descendants from a mixture of Africans and native Caribbeans (Arawaks.) The Garinagu are a recognized distinct culture for the elements of food, clothing, language, music, and dance.
The word for mango in Garifuna is mangu, pronounced without the “n” as MA-gu.
The Hopkins BTIA is proud to honor the Garifun language and hereby proclaims that the name of this year’s festival is Hopkins Mangu Fest!